Is it important that our characters be close to perfect?

Should we make our characters without flaws? Sure, I love to get away from my troubles for a while by reading a good sexy love story with a hero that’s drop dead gorgeous and a heroine without a worry in the world, but let’s face it life isn’t perfect. LOL, I know mine isn’t.

‘A Heart’s Endeavor’ is my first ever published novella. My heroine suffers with depression. Depression can be very serious if not treated properly, but that doesn’t mean life is over.

Who knows? You may become a published romance writer:)


4 thoughts on “Is it important that our characters be close to perfect?

  1. I make it a point to have characters in my stories that have flaws….there is honestly no such thing as a “perfect male or female” in real life….and even thought the majority of what we write nowadays has women and men who are flawless in every way. I think its a bit of a relief sometimes to see a character that seems “real” to the reader. Someone that they can honestly relate to in every aspect of what is going on with that character.

  2. You’re absolutely right. No person is flawless…and who wants characters who have none? It’s hard to relate to them if they’re perfect.
    And depression is so misunderstood! Brava to you for bringing it to light in your novella! It shows that flaw that many of us suffer from, and shows that we are still capable and wonderful!

  3. I think we are tempted to write perfect characters, to escape the realities of life. I sometimes do that with the males LOL. Make them tall dark and handsome. The females I’m more real with. I don’t know why, I guess I want to be one of the possible women who CAN get a hot man like that. I have a WIP where my female lead beat cancer. And another where my soldier lost a leg. I don’t know if i try to make them perfect, since they all have some kind of emotional insecurity due to something. but I think this is a good question.

  4. Flaws are important to character development. If the character is TOO perfect, they don’t have anything to overcome, thus no character arc. Plus, the reader won’t connect with a character who is too unbelievably perfect.

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