Meet Melanie and Jack

In ‘A Heart’s Endeavor’ you get to meet  my sexy state trooper, Jack Horan.  Twenty-five years on the force was enough and in another year he plans to retire. Melanie Manning is a widow. At forty-one years old, she has no intentions of falling in love with another man and admitting that she suffers from depression. Her late husband’s verbal abuse was still fresh in her mind.

Depression is serious, but with the right medication it can be controlled and the person suffering with it could live a very happy life. Melanie soon finds out that all men are not alike and that Jack has every intention of helping her cope with her illness.

Melanie and Jack are mature adults. They prove that no matter how old a person is, love and romance is still within reach.

2 thoughts on “Meet Melanie and Jack

  1. As a 40-something woman who suffers from depression, you don’t know how grateful I am to see you include both of those things (being 40-something and depression) into a hot book! It is so good for people to see that neither of those things mean your life is over!! Even in fiction. lol

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