Are You Ready?

Stupid question really. It doesn’t matter if we’re ready or not. The holidays are coming fast. Next week is Thanksgiving and the stores are full of Christmas decorations. Talk about being ahead of the game.

As a kid, Christmas seemed to take soooo long to get here, but now that I’m older I no sooner take down the decorations, delight in the warm weather of Spring and Summer and, here I go again, dragging out the lights. Which, by the way, I made sure to carefully lay them in a storage crate only to find them tangled when I pull them out. I don’t know why I put myself through the aggravation, but I do. I love Christmas lights! I asked a co-worker of mine why she didn’t look forward to Christmas or other holidays and she told me that she had lost her mother Christmas Eve. The holiday was a constant reminder of that loss.

I try to remember that some of us find the holidays a sad time.  I pray that they can find peace in knowing that their loved ones are ok.

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