Suffering in Silence

What would you do if you were driving and it suddenly became difficult to breath? Your heart is pounding and you’re hot and cold at the same time. First thing that races through you mind is  ‘heart attack’. Pulling to the side of the road you call your husband and instead of being sympathic he chews you out for nearly wrecking the car.

Melanie was shocked to learn that she had suffered a ‘panic attack’. Her doctor diagnosed her with clinical depression coupled with panic (anxiety) attacks and informed her that she would have to take a ‘happy’ pill for the rest of her life. She soon found out that the love of her life was really a cold-hearted bastard so she suffers in silence. After her husband dies she still struggles with self-doubts and swears that she would rather be alone than open her heart to another man.

But state trooper Jack Horan has different ideas.

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