What’s your favorite kind of Romance?

BDSM, Erotica, Historicals and Westerns are my favorite. Since I’ve joined a facebook, I’ve met authors of Paranormal, Werewolves and Vampires. Those types of romance I have yet to read.

Everyone has different tastes, but for me the two main characters are always the same in every category. The hero is rugged and commanding. He has a soft heart, but hides it behind a stern demeanor. The heroine is strong, but deep inside she craves for a man to ‘take her in hand’. She’s sassy and fiesty and pushes the hero’s buttons until he can no longer take her attitude and gives her a spanking. Oh, and there’s always a HEA. We can’t forget about that:)

8 thoughts on “What’s your favorite kind of Romance?

  1. I like them all, too. As long as the chemistry is good between the characters, and I I’m endeared to them, I love pretty much all genres. Well, I kind of stay away from sad endings and stories where there’s too much high octane angst.

  2. I need the HEA too…but yes a smart ass woman that can take command is something I like. I love when the lovers are equals in their world. A vamp or demon doesn’t hurt either

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