Ready or not here come the Holidays!

A few years ago I saw an animated lighted dolphin decoration at a local store. First thing hubs asks, “What does a dolphin have to do with Christmas? Whatever happened to the simple wreath on the house with a floodlight?”


I love decorating. Remember when the icicle lights came out? I was so excited. Hubs bought them for me and even offered to decorate the house. Big mistake! We needed more than one set so where do you think he connected the second one? You got it. Right in the front with a foot of nothing in between. Well, he fixed that problem with a few curse words tossed here and there. All was well until I came home one evening and a strand of lights were out. I whacked them with the broom and thank God they came back on. The next night just one string of lights were unlit. Hubs sarcastic comment? “Cut the strand”. Yeah right.

Now we’ve come to a happy medium. He buys the decor, within reason, and I do the decorating. I won or so I thought. It’s getting harder and harder each year to decorate. Now I alternate decorations. Last year I swore I wasn’t going to decorate for Halloween. Well, I just finished lugging two ghosts and a pumpkin up from the basement and plugged those suckers in.

I suppose I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until I can’t do it anymore. Make sense?

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