What ‘Instrument’ do you like?

My favorite music is rock, heavy metal. I’m still stuck in the 80’s. LOL! My hubs say he can hear me coming from three blocks down the street.

I love to hear the beat of the drum in a fast song.  Did you ever really wonder about how much strength must be behind those arms and hands that are belting out a tune on those drums? Imagine if you were lying across the lap of a man who played that instrument?

As my friend, MaryNaughtyWhispers would say. *le sigh.

2 thoughts on “What ‘Instrument’ do you like?

  1. It depends on my mood, Mary Sue. I have my go do cry songs. I actually love some poppy songs. Rap and dance music when I want to be psyched up. Although classic AC/DC, Metallica or Motley Crew will get me through anything.

  2. LOL! Yes, Samantha, I’m with you there about the classics, but I can’t listen to sad songs even when I’m sad. Especially the song that’s played on TV for the animal cruelty commercial. I think it’s called, ‘In the Arms of an Angel’.

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