DVD or TV?

We have a ‘library’ of DVD’s. When a favorite movie of mine is on TV I still find myself looking forward to watching it even though I could easily plop it into the player and watch it any time I want.

‘The Mask of Zorro’ was on a few nights ago. Antonio Banderas rocks in that one. His voice is pantie melting. (at least I think so)

I love the oldies. John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara were hilarious in  “McLintock.”  Okay, maybe I’m revealing my age, but those were the days when men were men and women were glad of it. And who could forget James Arness in ‘Gunsmoke’?

Clint Walker was good in ‘The Night of the Grizzly.’ I remember when I was a kid the bear, ‘Satan’ scared the hell out of me and I had no interest in Clint’s bare chest. I got the movie for my husband last Christmas and we watched it. Believe me, the bear looked hokey but Clint’s chest was mighty fine.

There are some hot looking guys out there in Hollywood, but I think the oldies are the best. The classics.

I didn’t see ‘Magic Mike’ but I am buying  ‘The Avengers.’  *smiles* I have a thing for Thor.

6 thoughts on “DVD or TV?

    • ‘The Horse Soldiers’ with William Holden and John Wayne was another good one, Michel Prince. Constance Towers was the Southern Belle. She now plays Helena Cassadine on General Hospital.

    • LOL, it is silly, Lacey Wolfe. The holiday cartoons will be on soon. Like ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ and yes I have the dvd but I’ll watch it on tv right along with ‘Rudolph”

  1. I’m SO chuckling about the hokey bear!!!!
    But, oh, yes, Clint Walker! My, my, my!!!
    And Antonio in Mark of Zorro….deep sigh! That accent!! Oh, heck, I even love him as the little bee in the Nasonex commercials and as Puss n’ Boots…LOL.
    Enjoyed, sweetie!

  2. LOL Vastine, I knew you’d like the hokey bear. It was so fake but back then it was scarey. But Clint’s chest was far from scarey. Maybe I’ll pop the tape in and watch it again;)

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